Luahan Hati Pengguna Proton Diabaikan Semenjak Oktober 2014!

Dear Proton Holdings Berhad 

I am writing this to highlight my frustration that i experiencing with Proton. I bought Exora Bold on July 2013. Reg no. WYN 6053 white in colour.

On 22nd October 2014 (Deepavaali) I started my journey to Cameron highland to have short vacation with my Family. Exit in Tapah toll(NKVE) and drove all the way to Cameron. 4 adults and 2 kids in the car. 

Approximately 4.30pm, 5Km to reach Ringlet Town, My car caught on fire all of sudden at a dangerous corner. without thinking much we just stop the car at the middle of the road and run away. It was drizzling rain and i am with my kids helpless at the roadside. No line bar in any telco network. 

I paid RM 1500 to tow my car and clean the place. Made my police report at Tapah Police station at 1130pm. Contacted my Insurance company (BerjayaSompo) and proton wecare to lodge preliminary report on my car. 

After that i was requested to send all necessary documents pertaining my car by Proton Wecare and the person i spoke in Aida. It took 2 weeks for me to forward my documents to wecare one by one. I was informed that that the person incharge handling my case is Mr. Airy (Not sure on full name). 

After completing on document submission Mr. Airy asked me to send the car to Proton Center at Kampar. I told him it is difficult for me to do it so as i am from kuala selangor and i am not at the right situation and I paid for the first towing which is RM 1500 which not able to claim. Therefore i told him to arrange a towing and take the car from Balai Tapah. Mr. Airy insist and asked me to refer insurance to process claim on losses. That was the last i spoke to him as i dont feel comfortable tp talk to him. 

It was somewhere middle on November 2014. Feel irritated with the way been treated I choose to proceed with insurance claim. My claim on process now. I have no issue with my insurance company as they always update me on the progress. After November 2014 which my last conversation with Mr. Airy, i did not receive any calls or email from proton pertaining my car issue. I have sent many emails during submitting documents and asking for acknowledgement from wecare proton but none. I just been ignored. 

3 weeks ago i contacted proton wecare 1800 888 398 to asked on investigation update. My call was answered by Ms. Junaida. Told her on my frustration. She promise will inform to the superior to call me. 

Receive a call from her after 3 hours telling that her superior in not available today therefore he will call a day after. No call until last Thursday. I called wecare again and this time my call was answer by Ms. Abby. I repeat all my stories and frustration again. She was very rude by holding my line without informing me. Went the call was release she just pretend not to answer any of my question and mumbling. I requested to transfer my call to superior which she did not and finally hang my call just like that. Just imagine how i would have feel. 

Again i called after 10min and call was answer by Ms. Intan. Again i got to repeat the whole story and she said her superior with the name of Arif will call after lunch to update. 

Till today no calls from proton. Why must i refer to insurance while my proton promise to give 3 years warranty? My service was done accordingly at proton service center. I only drove my car for 8,000++ Kilometer from the time i bought till it caught fire. No modification at all. Not even a single screw. 

How much insurance can pay me? Why i need to bare the losses while the issue is with proton manufacturer? I don't wish to post in Facebook or any social media but i don't have choice now. As an ordinary RM 3,000 income family man with housewife and 4 schooling kids, what else can i do to get attention from proton. How long i have to prolong this issue? Remember I am still paying my monthly installment for my car. 

Why proton treating me like this? This is what a customer get if buy a car from proton? I will never keep quiet after this. 4 months on the road and till today nothing was done. Please do something on this.

Kredit - Moorthy &

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